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Written by Sw. Anand Teertha   
Thursday, 17 May 2012 20:33

Welcome Home!

There is an old saying that home is where the heart is. Osho Atlanta invites you to know your heart and be at home wherever you are. The words, meditations, therapies, and celebrations of Osho have brought thousands of people to self-realization and happiness. It is the pleasure of Osho Atlanta to offer this experience to millions more.

Osho’s methods are made for the modern man and therefore differ quite dramatically from traditional approaches. Traditional approaches were for a humanity that lived naturally without the disturbances (or luxuries) that modern technology brings. In today’s faster paced society the demands of family life, cell phones, traffic, work, and other external pressure wear heavy on the heart and mind of an individual, destroying almost any opportunity for stillness and inner silence. To go home and sit still with all these pressures and repressed emotions can only bring these anxieties to the surface. At the end of the day or week most people choose to seal these pressures with neurotic behaviors: obsessive eating, obsessive working out, television, drinking, internet, emotional explosions or emotional withdrawal. A better choice is to allow an opportunity to express or release these anxieties in a designated period of time so that the conscious is clear and available to enjoy life in totality. Osho Atlanta makes this choice available to you by offering active meditations designed by Osho.

Join Osho Atlanta!


  • Weekend and midweek meditations are offered at multiple Atlanta area locations:
  • Library of Osho's work in English and Hindi Books, Audio and DVD
  • Meditation camps and retreats (free or low priced)

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